• Common uPVC Window & Door Problems

    There are a multitude of reasons for your uPVC windows and doors to start playing up. They are the most common type of window and door found in the UK and are extremely popular in residential buildings, so the constant use naturally takes its toll. Most problems that you will eventually come across will require […]

  • A handy guide on how to better protect your homes from burglaries

    Valuables on Show – Having your lights on timers when you’re not home is a great way to deter burglars however, you do need to be carful in the way in which you approach this. You should ensure that blinds or curtains are closed in rooms that you are using the light timers as a […]

  • Standard lock V Ultion Lock

  • Common reasons for the need of a Locksmith

    There is a vast range of reasons for people requiring the services of a locksmith, some of which are a lot more common than others. CJL Locksmiths would like to share this handy guide on the most common reasons for locksmith call outs so should you ever find yourself in one of these situations you […]

  • How do you find a service / tradesperson?

  • MLA show how to keep your home safe in this article

    Quiet, quick and shockingly easy: What I learned from watching locksmiths break in – and five of their best tips to protect your home The Master Locksmiths Association is warning people about their home security  They are advising people to have top security locks fitted on their doors Experts reveal that many people don’t realise […]

  • What To do in the event of a break in!

    Unfortunately, burglaries are a common occurrence in the UK and there isn’t much that feels worse than coming home to discover you have been broken into. With this said it is important to try and remain focused so you can take the necessary steps to get thing back in order. CJL Locksmith have put together […]