• Attended job where an insurance company had sent a locksmith previously
  • Previous locksmith had forcibly installed an incorrect emergency gearbox and had taken the old mechanism with them. Whilst trying to overcharge the customer by a substantial amount to repair
  • So with little to go off I took measurements and researched to find the correct mechanism for the door
  • I installed the correct mechanism to the door and have a very happy customer that paid reasonable price

By cjllocksmith@gmail.com

At CJL Locksmith, I provide a range of domestic and commercial locksmith services. From fixing broken door locks to burglary repairs and more, as an experienced professional, I can cater to all your requirements. I am DBS checked and pride myself on providing complete customer satisfaction. Feel free to get in touch for more information. When you call me, you'll be guaranteed a hassle-free and efficient service at an affordable price.

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