Common uPVC Window & Door Problems

There are a multitude of reasons for your uPVC windows and doors to start playing up. They are the most common type of window and door found in the UK and are extremely popular in residential buildings, so the constant use naturally takes its toll. Most problems that you will eventually come across will require the services of a locksmith to resolve, however you as a homeowner can certainly help diagnose the problem. Below you will find some of the most common problems that you are likely to come across when you have uPVC windows and doors.

Door Not Locking Properly/Stiff Handle – There are many reasons for your uPVC window or door not locking properly, if the handle is stiff and the key wont turn properly then it is likely that your window or door is out of alignment and in turn stopping the bolt from fully throwing into the locking position. There are a few things that can cause your door to become misaligned; slamming, swinging on handles, hot and cold weather causing it to swell and contract and general wear and tear. In order to fix a misaligned window or door the hinges will need adjusting so that they are once again in alignment with the door frame. When this has been done you should have no problems turning the key and properly locking the window or door.

Only Able To Lock UPVC Door From One Side – If your door will lock fine from one side but the key will not turn in the other then it is likely that you need a new lock barrel. If when you have lifted the handle and turned the key in the lock, you are unable to remove it then the likely cause is the central cam of the lock slipping out of alignment. This is generally caused by worn keys and lock components due to the high volume of use. To resolve this issue, you will certainly need the help of your local locksmith. They will be able to replace the cylinder ensuring the correct size is used and is fitted properly.

Door Wont Open And Handle Spins All The Way Around – This tends to happen when an early sign of a problem gets ignored. If when your handle becomes stiff you ignore the problem and don’t get it re-aligned, then the constant forcing of the handle eventually takes its toll and the internal parts inevitably break. The most likely cause is a broken spindle inside the back box of the lock, to resolve this you will either require a new back box or even a hole new locking unit depending on they type of lock you have fitted. Contact your local locksmith and they will be able to let you into your property and advise on the best cause of action to fix the broken lock.

Broken Key In Door Or Window Lock – This is a very common problem for all key entry locks. It is often just down to general wear and tear of old and frequently used keys. You can avoid this problem by contacting your local locksmith as soon as the key starts to jam in the lock so you avoid having to force the key which will eventually lead to it snapping in the lock.
If, however it is too late for prevention CJL Locksmiths provide a 24 hour emergency locksmith service and will be able to come and extract the broken key from the lock and fix the issue that was causing the key to jam in the first place.


At CJL Locksmith, I provide a range of domestic and commercial locksmith services. From fixing broken door locks to burglary repairs and more, as an experienced professional, I can cater to all your requirements. I am DBS checked and pride myself on providing complete customer satisfaction. Feel free to get in touch for more information. When you call me, you'll be guaranteed a hassle-free and efficient service at an affordable price.

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